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Research on the Deep Fusion Path of Non-Genetic Inheritance and Study Travel in Dongying City

DOI: 10.12677/ISL.2023.74019, PP. 136-141

Keywords: 东营市,非遗传承,研学旅行
Dongying City
, Not Inherited, Study Trip

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Non-genetic inheritance and research travel is a hot research topic nowadays. Dongying, as a city that enters the Yellow River into the sea, has deep historical and cultural deposits and rich cultural heritage resources. These “natural advantages” provide the basis for non-genetic inheritance and research travel in Dongying. However, according to the investigation, there are shortcomings in the integrated development of non-genetic inheritance and research travel in Dongying City, which are manifested as inadequate understanding of non-genetic inheritance and research travel, low pub-licity, insufficient integration of resources, single content of research courses, low professional level of research tutors and lack of teachers. Through multi-party evidence analysis, it is proposed to in-novate publicity methods, broaden publicity channels, integrate regional resources, create charac-teristic research courses, pay attention to talent training, and build professional teachers, so as to promote the deep integration of non-genetic inheritance and research travel in Dongying City.


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