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Knut Lundmark’s Research and Application on Ancient East Asian Guest Star Records

DOI: 10.12677/ISL.2023.74016, PP. 115-122

Keywords: 客星,新星,超新星,伦德马克,历史天文学
Guest Stars
, Nova, Supernova, Lundmark, Historical Astronomy

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Swedish astronomer Knut Lundmark was among the early proponents of recognizing the significant value of ancient East Asian celestial records in astronomy. Starting in 1921, he initiated a series of investigations into ancient East Asian comet and guest star (supernova and nova) records. These studies provided crucial support for Lundmark’s astronomical work and led him to appreciate the potential of utilizing historical records to address astronomical inquiries. In this paper, the author will incorporate relevant historical data to introduce and analyze Knut Lundmark’s research find-ings, examining the issues and value within his research.


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