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Research on Controllability of Multi-Link Pendubot

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2023.124021, PP. 197-206

Keywords: Pendubot,多节链式,欠驱动,自由度,可控度指标
, Multi-Link, Underactuated, Degrees of Freedom, Controllability Index

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This paper studied the controllability of multi-link Pendubot. Derived three controllability index, and excluded the incorrect parts. This paper calculated the controllability index of Pendubot in Link 1~6. The results show that with the number of the degree of underactuated freedom increased, the controllability of the system decreases obviously and the attenuation degree increases. Besides, this paper used the controllability index to compare the influence of different degrees of underactuated freedom on the system controllability, and explains the reason why the Multi-Link Pendubot is difficult to control.


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