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Identify Psychological Distress among Cancer Patients: A Study at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC) in Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro Tanzania

DOI: 10.4236/ojmp.2023.124011, PP. 173-191

Keywords: Cancer, Psychological Distress

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Introduction: The major objective of this study was to identify the Psychological Distress among Cancer Patients at KCMC in Moshi Municipality, Kilimanjaro Tanzania. The specific objectives were to identify the psychological distress among cancer patients at KCMC, and to explore relationship between demographic characteristics of cancer patients and psychological distress. Methodology: The study used a sample of 175 respondents. The study was cross-sectional design, a quantitative approach. The data gathered for the study were analyzed using quantitative data analyzing software SPSS version 20 and were visually presented using descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution of tables, and figures. Result: The findings of the study showed that majority of the respondents (cancer patients) 105 (60.0%) were experiencing psychological distress among the cancer patients. The cancer patients who are divorced and widow them experience anxiety (p-value 0.01) significant. Those who were low in education were significantly affected with (p-value 0.03) anxiety and (p-value 0.01) depression. The variable in economic; the less satisfaction were significantly (p-value 0.01) were experience adjustment disorder. Conclusion and Recommendation: The study recommends that it is important to involve psychologists in the treatment team among the cancer patients to address psychological distresses they experience. Also Oncology Department should develop interest of doing research on psychological distress management because study showed 60% cancer patients suffer with psychological distress.


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