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Analysis and Enlightenment of the Relationship between Information Sources in Information Theory

DOI: 10.12677/ISL.2023.73015, PP. 104-113

Keywords: 信息论,信源关系,信息熵,维恩图
Information Theory
, Information Sources Relationship, Information Entropy, Venn Diagram

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With the development of modern information technology, information theory, as a communication theory and methodology, has been widely studied and applied, playing an important role. Under-standing the relationship between information sources can better grasp the basic concepts and connotations of information theory, and understand its methods. In response to the insufficient discussion of information source relationships in various textbooks, this article adopts the Venn di-agram representation of event to event relationships, systematically analyzes the three relation-ships of information sources: union, condition, and interaction, as well as their corresponding in-formation entropy. It focuses on explaining their various meanings and inspirations in communica-tion systems.


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