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Research on Marketing Transformation of Chinese Enterprises in the Context of Cultural Revitalization

DOI: 10.12677/MOM.2023.133005, PP. 37-43

Keywords: 战略转型,互联网,时代情节,文化振兴,营销模式
Strategic Transformation
, Internet, Era Plot, Cultural Revitalization, Marketing Model

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With China’s strategic transformation from pursuing quantity to pursuing quality and the advent of the digital age, traditional marketing models are facing new opportunities and challenges. This article aims to study the limitations of traditional marketing methods and explore the rise of emerging marketing approaches. By analyzing cases such as the unexpected popularity of canned yellow peaches during the pandemic, the frequent promotions of “White Rabbit” candies, and the success of “Chinese Folklore,” this research believes that businesses should adapt to the trends of strategic transformation and cultural rejuvenation. They should establish marketing models that emphasize both quality and cultural significance to maintain market competitiveness in the new situation.


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