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Dynamical Analysis of Bursting in a Coupled-Neuron Model

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2023.123020, PP. 186-195

Keywords: pre-B?tzinger复合体,簇放电模式,快慢分析,分岔
pre-B?tzinger Complex
, Bursting, Fast-Slow Analysis, Bifurcation

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Respiratory system is one of the important physiological organs of human and animal. The pre- B?tzinger complex (pre-B?tC) is located at a ventrolateral medulla of humans and other mammals, which is considered to be the center for the generation of respiratory rhythms. Respiratory rhythm differs between normal and pathological states, which plays an important role in studying the respiratory system. In this paper, we investigate the bursting and their dynamic mechanisms by phase plane analysis, fast-slow decomposition and bifurcation analysis in coupled-neuron model of the pre-B?tC. The results indicate that the Na conductance (gNa) has an important effect on the excitatory neural bursting patterns in the pre-Botzinger complex.


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