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Design of Collision Avoidance and Automatic Control Mechanism

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2023.123014, PP. 133-138

Keywords: 二层台排管机械手,管柱,防撞击,自动控制
Pipe-Handling Robot of Monkey-Board
, Pipe String, Prevent Bump, Auto-Control

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This paper introduces a pipe string anti-collision and automatic control mechanism that can be used in conjunction with the pipe-handling robot of monkey-board. By selecting a reasonable installation position, it can maximize its anti-collision and automatic control functions, so that the driller does not need to actively stop the action of the pipe-handling robot of monkey-board suspending the pipe string and lowering it, nor does it need the driller to judge its hanging height. When the pipe string is in contact with the drill floor, the sensor signal will be automatically triggered, and the control system will send a closing signal to the solenoid valve, which can automatically stop the lowering action of the cylinder of the pipe-handling robot of monkey-board, effectively preventing the bottom of the pipe string from hitting the drill floor, and achieving the purpose of safe operation.


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