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A Dynamical Approach to the Explanation of the Upper Critical Field Data of Compressed H3S

DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2023.133005, PP. 79-89

Keywords: Compressed H2S, Upper Critical Magnetic Field, Pairing Equation Incorporating Temperature, Chemical Potential and Magnetic Field, Temperature Dependence of the Chemical Potential

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Excellent fits were obtained by Talantsev (MPLB 33, 1950195, 2019) to the temperature (T)-dependent upper critical field (Hc2(T)) data of H3S reported by Mozaffari et al. [Nature Communications 10, 2522 (2019)] by employing four alternative phenomenological models, each of which invoked two or more properties from its sample-specific set S1 = {Tc, gap, coherence length, penetration depth, jump in} and a single value of the effective mass (m*) of an electron. Based on the premise that the variation of Hc2(T) is due to the variation of the chemical potential μ(T), we report here fits to the same data by employing a T-, μ- and m*-dependent equation for Hc2(T) and three models of μ(T), viz. the linear, the parabolic and the concave-upward model. For temperatures up to which the data are available, each of these provides a good fit. However, for lower values of T, their predictions differ. Notably, the predicted values of Hc2(0) are much higher than in any of the models dealt with by Talantsev. In sum, we show here that the addressed data are explicable in a framework comprising the set S2 = {μ, m*, interaction parameter λm, Landau index NL}, which is altogether different from S1.


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