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Association between Support and Satisfaction with Life among Older Adults in Ekiti, Nigeria: Findings and Implications

DOI: 10.4236/ojmp.2023.123007, PP. 117-128

Keywords: Support, Satisfaction with Life, Association, Older Adults, Implications

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Many developing countries like Nigeria lack policy for the care of the older adults and this creates major challenges for the elderly population. The traditional family institution and community support that used to be safety nest are being adversely affected by westernization. This development might have adverse effect on life satisfaction among the older adults. This hospital based cross-sectional study was designed to determine the association between support and life satisfaction among older adults. A total of 128 subjects participated in the study out of which 28.9% were satisfied with life. Expectation of support was mainly from the family, less from the community and very low from the government. The level of support received from all sources generally fell short of expectations. Marital status and source of livelihood were significantly associated with life satisfaction. There is inadequate social support from the government and support from family and community fell below expectations. Expectations of support were the most strongly correlated with life satisfaction. Support for older adults must be addressed in order to meet their expectations and improve their level of satisfaction with life.


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