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Based on the Cognition and Attitude of Big City Residents towards Pet Adoption under the Background of Contemporary Society

DOI: 10.12677/ISL.2023.72006, PP. 32-36

Keywords: 宠物领养,流浪动物,宠物市场
Pet Adoption
, Stray Animals, Pet Market

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This paper mainly focuses on residents of large cities with special pet adoption bases such as Shanghai, through the investigation of their cognition and related attitudes on pet adoption, and based on the actual situation of all parts of the country, compared with some areas where pet adop-tion is effective and combined with a large number of survey data, analyzes and explores new methods and ways to accelerate the implementation of pet adoption throughout the country, so that people can further understand the significance of calling for pet adoption, and put forward solutions and suggestions for the successful and feasible introduction of the concept of “adoption”.


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