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Research Progress of Graphene-Based Photodetectors

DOI: 10.12677/NAT.2023.132006, PP. 59-68

Keywords: 石墨烯,光电探测器
, Photodetector

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Photodetectors are changing people’s life day by day, from medical detection to aerospace, from security inspection to remote sensing satellite, from food safety to biological monitoring, the shadow of photodetectors is everywhere. Traditional detectors face problems such as only working in low-temperature envi-ronments and the trade-off between response rate and frequency. The emergence of graphene has greatly stimulated researchers’ interest in the direction of detectors that are expected to overcome these drawbacks. Graphene has excellent physical properties, strong light absorption ability, and nonlinear optical properties, which are highly advantageous in detector applications and can pro-duce excellent performance such as fast response and broad- spectrum response. In this paper, we introduce graphene properties, detector performance evaluation index, graphene detector detec-tion mechanism and the progress of graphene detector research. In addition to using graphene as a single material to prepare devices, various heterojunction-type and metal-reinforced structures can be prepared to improve the performance of graphene detectors.


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