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Multiple Collaborative Service Model and System Construction Based on Industrial Competitive Intelligence

DOI: 10.4236/jilsa.2023.152004, PP. 57-65

Keywords: Industrial Competitive Intelligence, Multiple Collaborative Services, System Construction

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This paper constructs a multiple collaborative service model of industrial competition intelligence with the main purpose of promoting the development of regional industries. The multiple service subjects include enterprises, governments, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, industry associations and for-profit institutions. This article starts from the overall development of regional industrial economy, weighs the mutual relationship between the elements of the service model, and promotes multiple service subjects such as enterprises, governments, universities, research institutes, industry associations, and profit-making organizations to realize the collaborative service of resource intelligence, demand intelligence and data intelligence provides linkage intelligence service for the development and innovation of regional industries. This service model can improve the efficiency of industrial competitive intelligence services and the overall competitiveness of regional industries.


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