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Point Cloud Segmentation Based on Neighboring Information Encoding

DOI: 10.12677/HJDM.2023.132019, PP. 194-201

Keywords: 点云,语义分割,局部特征编码,邻域信息编码,Point Cloud, Semantic Segmentation, Local Feature Encoding, Neighboring Feature Encoding

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How to take full advantages of point cloud is an urgent task due to the universal application of point cloud data format. Superb semantic segmentation of point cloud can be the solid basis of subsequent task of point cloud application. For semantic segmentation task, both the global and local feature play significant role. Based on the basic truth that the better the local feature, the better the segmentation performance, the neighboring feature encoding module is elaborated, this module aims to make the most of direction feature between center point and its neighboring points during the local feature extraction process. Original input feature is considered as concatenation of spatial information and plus feature (e.g.: RGB and depth), the plus feature will be handled by shared MultiLayer Perceptron, the spatial information will be sent to proposed neighboring feature encoding module to capture neighboring feature of every center point, output of two part will be concatenated as final local feature. From the perspective of result of experiment on public dataset S3DIS, the proposed model has excellent performance on feature extraction, its performance excels SOTA baseline model with 1.8% mIoU.


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