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Research on Machine Tool Speed Optimization Methods under High Removal Rate Processes

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2023.122012, PP. 115-119

Keywords: 速度规划,曲面加工,数控机床
Speed Planning
, Surface Machining, CNC Machine Tool

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As China’s industrial development continues, the industrial structure and technological level are constantly upgrading, and the demand for precision processing of complex parts is increasing. CNC machine tools have the advantages of high machining accuracy and short processing time, and are essential machining equipment in modern equipment manufacturing industry. In this article, the cutting force disturbance under the high material removal rate condition is taken as the limiting condition, and a speed planning algorithm suitable for high material removal rate processes of CNC machine tools is proposed. Through the S-shaped surface machining experiment, the results show that the speed planning algorithm proposed in this article can effectively improve processing efficiency and can to some extent improve processing accuracy.


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