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Effects of Persistent Sodium and Calcium Current on Mixed Bursting in the Respiratory Neuron with Dynamical Analysis

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2023.122005, PP. 39-50

Keywords: pre-B?tzinger复合体,胞体–树突混合簇放电,分岔分析,快慢变量分离
Pre-B?tzinger Complex
, Somatic-Dendritic Mixed Bursting, Bifurcation Analysis, Fast-Slow Decomposition

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The experimental study found that the pre-B?tzinger complex in the mammalian brain stem is the key part of the generation of respiratory rhythm, which contains many dynamic behaviors. By changing calcium activated nonspecific cation current and persistent sodium current, such as the inspiratory neuron model, a series of special somatic-dendritic mixed bursting patterns can be generated, that is, there are multiple types of bursting patterns in the same cycle. Dynamic methods such as fast-slow decomposition and bifurcation analysis were used to explore the generation and transition mechanism of somatic-dendritic mixed bursting, and it was found that the changes of calcium activated nonspecific cation current and persistent sodium current lead to changes in the number and type of mixed cluster discharge, providing theoretical support for future research on the origin of respiratory movement rhythm.


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