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Research on the Influencing Factors of National Identity Based on Machine Learning

DOI: 10.12677/ISL.2023.71004, PP. 17-23

Keywords: 国家认同,开放数据,机器学习
National Identity
, Open Data, Machine Learning

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Based on the 2019 Chinese Social Survey (CSS 2019), this research explores the influencing factors of national identity. After data preprocessing, we use the 266 variables to build an MLP model to predict the national identity of the subjects and use the DALEX package to select the most valuable predictor. In general, the predictive factors determined by the machine learning model are con-sistent with results of prior studies, such as economic factors, religion, social security, etc. This re-search supplements previous studies on the factors affecting national identity, and provides data support for “feelings of the rule of law” that can affect national identity. China should comprehen-sively promote the rule of law and accelerate the construction of a socialist country ruled by law. At the same time, this research is an active attempt to apply machine learning technology to the field of psychology.


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