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Wuling Cave Leeches (Sinospelaeobdella wulingensis) Were First Discovered in Guizhou Province, China

DOI: 10.12677/IJE.2023.121012, PP. 94-100

Keywords: 武陵洞蛭,新记录,蛭纲,贵州省
Sinospelaeobdella wulingensis
, New Record, Hirudinea, Guizhou Province

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2019年3月,在贵州省务川县马福林自然保护区云丰村简家沟的一个溶洞中的洞顶壁采集到一种营陆生生活的洞栖性真洞穴蛭类,经过形态特征的比较观察和线粒体COI基因的系统发育分析,将其鉴定为山蛭科中国洞蛭属的武陵洞蛭(Sinospelaeobdella wulingensis),系贵州省环节动物门蛭纲动物的新记录。
In March 2019, a cave-dwelling terrestrial troglobite leech species was collected from the celling of a karstic cave of Jianjiagou near the Yunfeng Village in the Nature Reserve of Mafulin of Wuchuan County, Guizhou Province, China. Based on the comparative observation of morphological characteristics and phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial COI gene, it was identified as Sinospelaeobdella wulingensis, a new record of Haemadipsidae belonging to Class Hirudinea, Phy-lum Annelida in Guizhou Province.


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