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The Establishment and Application of Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Soil and Water Conservation Technology

DOI: 10.12677/IJE.2023.121006, PP. 45-50

Keywords: 水土保持技术,指标体系,评价模型,层次分析法
Soil and Water Conservation Technology
, Index System, Evaluation Model, Analytic Hierarchy Process

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There is no effective and reasonable evaluation index system and evaluation model for soil and water conservation technology for a long time, which affects the experience summary of soil and water conservation technology and the promotion of technology. Based on the soil and water con-servation technology in the Loess Plateau of Northern Shaanxi, taking into account the common characteristics of different technologies, the paper established a secondary index system for the evaluation of soil and water conservation technology according to the process of technology de-velopment, application and promotion, and constructed a comprehensive evaluation model of soil and water conservation technology with Analytic Hierarchy Process, which could also achieve the evaluation of four basic dimensions of technology. The applicability of the evaluation model was verified by the survey data of soil and water conservation technology in Gaoxigou Village, Mizhi County.


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