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Study on Synthesis and Catalytic Performance of Fe3O4@C Nanosphere

DOI: 10.12677/NAT.2023.131001, PP. 1-6

Keywords: 四氧化三铁,溶剂热合成,催化,芬顿反应,降解
, Solvothermal Synthesis, Catalysis, Fenton Reaction, Degradation

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在本文中,通过一步溶剂热的方法合成了直径约为240 nm的Fe3O4@C纳米球。利用SEM、Mapping、XPS、ESR对产物的形貌、结构和表面特征进行了详细的表征。在室温条件下,Fe3O4@C纳米球的饱和磁化强度为72 emu g?1。此外,在过氧化氢溶液中,所合成的Fe3O4@C纳米球显示出优异的催化降解染料污染物的活性。
In this study, Fe3O4@Cnanospheres with a diameter of about 240 nm was synthesized by one-pot solvothermal method. The morphology, structure, and surface characteristics have been studied through SEM, Mapping, XPS, and ESR. The saturation magnetization of Fe3O4@Cnanospheres was about at room temperature. Moreover, the assynthesized Fe3O4@Cnanospheres showed excellent catalytic activity for degradation of dye pollutants in H2O2 solution.


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