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The Study of Ship Exhaust Emission Monitoring System Based on UAV

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2023.121001, PP. 1-10

Keywords: 船舶尾气监测,无人机,气体传感器,数学模型
Ship Emission Monitoring
, UAV, Gas Sensor, Mathematical Model

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It is clear in our county that the number of ships owned is very high in the world, but there is a severe lack of field research on ship exhaust emission. Maritime department mainly checks fuel quality and record in the process of law enforcement, then determines whether using fuel sampling to realize the supervision of sulfur content in ship fuel oil, according to the actual situation. There are some practical disadvantages to this approach, including poorly targeted, random in check target, higher cost, small number of checks, low efficiency. Therefore, a ship exhaust monitoring system based on unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is designed in this paper. The monitoring system is composed of autonomous flight system, airborne gas sampling system, ground communication control system and wireless transmission system. The ground communication control system, which is rely upon the LORA and PC for data transport, processes the data by LabVIEW based on the mathematical model of emission is established. The monitoring data showed that the system can quickly monitor the concentration of SO2 in ship exhaust gas and calculate the sulfur content and NOx brake emission by mathematical model. Compared with the original fuel sampling method, it is more targeted and real-time.


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