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Study on Collision between Dangerous Chemicals Packaging and Forklift Truck Based on Finite Element Analysis

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2023.121002, PP. 11-20

Keywords: 危险化学品包装,闭口桶,叉车,有限元分析
Packing of Dangerous Chemicals
, Closed Barrel, Forklift Truck, Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

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目的:为了降低仓库内叉车误操作与危险化学品碰撞从而发生洒漏的风险,研究危险化学品包装与叉车碰撞瞬间的受力情况。方法:以盛装液体危险化学品的包装容器为例,对两种材质的闭口桶,以桶壁/叉车尖端建立有限元分析模型,参照其在常温环境在满载静强度的应力水平,对桶身进行有限元分析计算。结果:当叉车质量为4.73吨,叉车的速度超过5 km/h时,200 L闭口塑料桶和212 L闭口塑料桶被撞击后发生大的侧向滑移,容易与周边物体产生二次的冲击,不能达到安全要求。结论:在危险品库内进行叉车作业时,建议叉车时速不超过1.25 km/h。
This paper examines the load condition at the moment of an impact between a forklift and a packaging of dangerous chemicals in order to reduce the risk of spilling hazardous liquid from the freight caused by the forklift’s mis-operation. A method is developed to investigate the different load conditions in the case of outer containers in different materials while holding goods of unsafe liquid. It calculates the load conditions of the barrel walls by establishing the FEA of the contacting points between the barrel walls and the forks with reference to the stress level of the static strength of a full load of unsafe liquid cargo in an environment of average temperature. The result shows a highly probable inclination for an additional impact from 200 L and 212 L closed plastic barrels led by lateral sliding after being hit by a forklift in 4.73 tones at a speed of 5 km/h. It fails to meet safety requirements. This study suggests a velocity of less than 1.25 km/h for a forklift operating in a warehouse of hazardous goods.


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