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Nonlinear Properties of an Inhomogeneous Diode Structure in a Strong Microwave Field

DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2023.131001, PP. 1-13

Keywords: Quadratic Detection, p-n-Junction, Point Contact, Schottky Barrier, High-Power Microwave Signal, Polarity Reversal, ThermoEMF, Hysteresis

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Results of experimental investigation of detection (rectification) of high power X-band microwave signal in diodes of various design (semiconductor p-n-junction, point-contact, Schottky, Metal-Isolator-MetalMIM) are reported. The maximum of the detected direct voltage V vs. power P of microwave signal and subsequent polarity reversal, previously found in MIM diodes in the optical and microwave bands, have found to be characteristic of all investigated diodes as well. After the reversal of polarity, this dependence comes linear, and the sign of the voltage corresponds to thermoEMF. In some diodes, the hysteresis on V(P) was observed. All 5 types of V(P) of MIM diodes (have made from different pairs of metals), reported earlier, were reproduced on same p-n-junction diode by variable external DC bias. These results joined with abnormal frequency cutoff forced to suggest that there is an unknown mechanism for direct flow of charge carriers (and for generate direct current) in the high-frequency electrical field, which differs from the conventional rectification.


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