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Examining Location of Injuries of Upper and Lower Body Extremities in Volleyball Players within the Zambezi Volleyball Association

DOI: 10.4236/ape.2023.131008, PP. 79-91

Keywords: Volleyball, Location, Injuries, Upper Body Extremities, Lower Body Extremi-ties

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Injuries of upper and lower body extremities are very common among volleyball players and their impact on sports has numerous effects in training sessions and competitive games. The purpose of this study was to examine the location of injuries of upper and lower body extremities in volleyball players within the Zambezi Volleyball Association. The study employed quantitative research methods to explore more on injuries of upper and lower body among participants. The study population consisted of (n =141) participants (n = 37 female, n = 104 male) with 10 teams (n = 3 female, n = 7 male). The participants were purposively selected based on their experience and involvement in volleyball training sessions and games. The data was analyzed using SPSS software programme.?The resultpercentages and frequencies were presented in tables. A total number of 293 injuries (73 female, 220 male) were sustained during the 2021-2022 season from these body locations:?shoulder?injuries 63 (44.6%), Hand/wrist injuries 51 (36.0%), Ankle injuries 47 (33.0%),?Head/face injuries 29 (20.5%), knee 26 (18.4%), trunk injuries 20 (14.1%), arm/elbow injuries 15 (10.6%), foot injuries 14 (9.9%), lower leg injuries 11 (7.8%), hip/thigh/upper leg injuries 9 (6.3%) and 8 neck injuries (5.6%). This study concludes that there are more injury occurrences sustained among male compared to female participants within the same injury locations. Moreover, common locations of injuries were sustained in shoulders, wrists and ankles in most volleyball players (20% - 63%) in one season.


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