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Tweet, Play, Love: Evaluating Social Media Communication Strategies on Gamer and Non-Gamer Audiences

DOI: 10.4236/sm.2023.131002, PP. 24-42

Keywords: Video Games, Strategic Communications, Advertisement

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The purpose of this project is to study and understand social media targeted ads and how they may alter people’s perception of a new game. The way different social media platforms and contents are used may have an impact on how video games are perceived by the players, both existing and new ones. Social media presence can be critical to maintain or augment the player-based universe of any gaming company. The researcher analyzed video games social media posts from November 2020 on different social media platforms, looking at the most popular posts (through upvotes, likes, and retweets). Eight layouts were created for the two different audiences, the gamers and non-gamers, and tested a new marketing campaign for a game. The game mock-ups were created for research purposes only by the author only. This study will give insights or ideas on how to best market a video game on social media with an awareness of the audience and other factors.


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