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Research Progress of Phase Change Energy Storage Materials with Solar-Thermal Conversion

DOI: 10.12677/NAT.2022.124035, PP. 352-361

Keywords: 光热转换,相变,储能材料
Solar-Thermal Conversion
, Phase Change, Thermal Energy Storage Materials

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Solar energy is a kind of inexhaustible clean and renewable energy, but its intermittency and discontinuity restrict its development and commercial application to a certain extent. Latent heat storage technology based on organic Phase Change Materials (PCMs) can not only perfectly solve the defects of solar energy itself, but also can effectively convert solar energy into heat energy and store it. In this paper, the basic methods and mechanisms of PCMs for solar-thermal conversion and stor-age are reviewed. The latest research progress of solar-thermal conversion materials and their ap-plications in the fields of energy-saving buildings, personal thermal management and thermal management of electronic devices are briefly discussed. Finally, future research focusing on so-lar-thermal conversion PCMs is prospected.


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