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Research on the Dehumidification of RotaryDehumidification Materials in Low Humidity Environment

DOI: 10.12677/NAT.2022.124031, PP. 304-310

Keywords: 除湿,分子筛,转轮,BET方程
, Molecular Sieve, Rotary, BET Equation

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如何选择高效除湿材料一直是低湿操作环境领域的关注重点。本文以硅胶、5A分子筛和13X分子筛及其负载瓦楞玻璃纤维材料作为除湿材料,系统探讨了其在低湿度(RH = 13%)下的除湿效率,并通过氮气吸脱附测试及BET方程研究,探究了吸湿材料表面特性与其静动态吸附效果之间的构效关系。研究结果表明,13X分子筛具有更高的比表面积和低湿度下的除湿能力,而5A分子筛表面吸附更靠近Langmuir吸附,吸湿效果也更为持久。本研究将为除湿转轮选材提供研究方法和理论基础。
How to choose high-efficiency dehumidification materials has always been the focus of attention in the field of low-humidity operating environments. In this paper, silica gel, 5A molecular sieve and 13X molecular sieve and their supported corrugated glass fiber materials are used as dehumidify-ing materials to systematically discuss their dehumidification efficiency under low humidity (RH = 13%). Through nitrogen adsorption and desorption test and BET equation study, the struc-ture-activity relationship between the surface properties of hygroscopic materials and their static and dynamic adsorption effects was explored. The research results show that the 13X molecular sieve has a higher specific surface area and dehumidification ability under low humidity, while the 5A molecular sieve surface adsorption is closer to Langmuir adsorption and its moisture absorption effect is more durable. This research will provide research methods and a theoretical basis for the selection of dehumidifying rotors.


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