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Research Progress of High Entropy Catalysts for Oxygen Evolution Reaction

DOI: 10.12677/NAT.2022.124030, PP. 296-303

Keywords: 高熵材料,电解水,析氧反应,催化剂
High Entropy Materials
, Electrolytic Water, Oxygen Evolution Reaction, Catalyst

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High entropy materials are a new kind of multi-principal component materials composed of many elements in equal or near equal molar ratio, including high entropy alloys and a series of high entropy compounds, such as high entropy oxides and hydroxides, high entropy phosphates, high entropy sulfides, high entropy glycine salts, etc. High entropy materials have disordered components, wide adjustability, and spe-cial physical and chemical properties. They have the potential to become high-efficiency oxygen evolution catalysts, and may become a new type of electrolytic water oxygen evolution reaction cat-alyst, which can replace the traditional metal oxides and standard noble metal-based catalysts for catalytic electrolytic water oxygen evolution reaction. In this paper, the research progress of high entropy materials in oxygen evolution reaction catalysts in recent years is summarized, and the development trend and application prospect of high entropy materials in hydrogen production from electrolytic water in the future are prospected.


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