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Analysis of Chinese Terms in Linguistics (2011)

DOI: 10.12677/ISL.2022.63007, PP. 55-61

Keywords: 语言学名词,术语,学科概念体系框架
Linguistic Terms
, Terms, Conceptual Framework of the Discipline

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After Chinese Terms in Linguistics (2011), this paper ponders and analyzes some problems worthy of discussion in the book. The problems of English translation of terms, editing of national terms, coordination of terms examination and approval, omission and repeated definition of terms are listed. The importance of establishing a complete conceptual framework of the subject in terminol-ogy work is pointed out. It is hoped that the revision of linguistic terms can meet the needs of the new situation of big data and networking, do a better job in the revision of linguistic terms, and meet the needs of scientific and technological workers in terms learning, application and research.


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