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Research Progress of 2D MOFs Based Electrocatalysts in Water Electrol

DOI: 10.12677/NAT.2022.124024, PP. 225-242

Keywords: 二维金属–有机框架,电催化,电解水,合成方法
Two-Dimensional Metal-Organic Frameworks
, Electrocatalysis, Water Splitting, Synthetic Methods

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Two-dimensional metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) materials have attracted the interest of researchers because of their excellent properties such as high specific sur-face area, porosity, good electrical conductivity and abundant active sites. The construction of two-dimensional nanostructures is an effective way to improve the catalytic performance of elec-trocatalysts, especially in water splitting as an electrocatalyst shows great application potential. At present, researchers have made extensive studies on the preparation of two-dimensional MOFs materials, and also well used two-dimensional MOFs materials as electrocatalysts for HER and OER reactions. In this paper, two kinds of synthesis methods of two-dimensional MOFs materials, top-down and bottom-up, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each method are summa-rized, and the application of two-dimensional MOFs in electrolysis and hydropower catalysis is in-troduced. Finally, the challenges and current situation in electrocatalysis of two-dimensional MOFs materials are discussed, and the future development direction was prospected.


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