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Abnormal Morphology: Mitral Dysplasia in a Cat

DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2022.126006, PP. 49-56

Keywords: Anomaly, Cat, Congenital, Dysplasia, Echocardiography

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Mitral dysplasia is a pathology that describes abnormal mitral valve and valve-related structures. This congenital disease, which has been diagnosed increasingly with advancing technology, creates congestive heart failure when it progresses. Although echocardiography is accepted as the primary standard at the diagnosis stage, it may not be sufficient alone, and advanced tests may be required. The prognosis of the patients is poor. A two-month-old, mixed breed, female cat has respiratory problems and anorexia symptoms. The patient, who was taken to two different clinics, was diagnosed with bronchitis. Our hospital revealed that the diagnosis was not bronchitis but congestive heart failure due to mitral dysplasia. Medical treatment was applied to reduce the symptoms in the patient. Two days after the start of the medication, the patient began to eat and was significantly active. After the patient was stabilized, the patient was handed over to the owner in order to avoid nosocomial infections and to minimize stress. There was no further news from the patient. This is the first case reported for this disease in our country. It is also important because it is a case that reveals the importance of the multisystemic approach.


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