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A Kind Fundamental Theory of Physics

DOI: 10.12677/ISL.2022.62002, PP. 7-18

Keywords: Wolfram理论,物理学基础理论,超图,Wolfram Theory, Basic Theory of Physics, Hypergraph

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物理学的基本理论是什么?在人类历史中,物理学的基本理论一直是难以解决的问题。19世纪,随着数学达到可以处理偏微分方程的程度,场的概念随之推广,但问题的关键是,涉及到基础理论时只能通过实验或用已知的方程计算。90年代中期,M理论作为“物理学终极理论”,希望通过单一理论来解释所有物质与能量的本质与交互关系,但M理论最终破灭。物理学该如何发展,怎样找到物理学的基本理论?Stephen Wolfram建立了新的一个范式和框架,它展示了在不同的规则下如何演化出相同的规律。Wolfram理论由Stephen Wolfram首次提出,它的主要表现形式是离散时空。更新系统的超图构成了空间,时空演化的结果由因果图表示。研究wolfram模型并用数学理论加以论证是具有现实意义的,或许它会像众多理论一样被逐渐遗忘,或许会在未来重新被审视。
What is the basic theory of physics? In human history, the basic theory of physics has always been a difficult problem to solve. In the 19th century, the concept of field became popular as mathematics reached the level that it could deal with partial differential equations, but the key problem is that when it comes to basic theory, it can only be calculated through experiments or known equations. In the mid-1990s, M theory, as the “ultimate theory of physics”, hoped to explain the essence and in-teraction of all matter and energy through a single theory, but M theory finally burst. How to devel-op physics and find the basic theory of physics? Stephen Wolfram has established a new paradigm and framework, which shows how to evolve the same law under different rules. Wolfram theory was first proposed by Stephen wolfram. Its main form is discrete space-time. The hypergraph of renewal system constitutes space, and the result of spatiotemporal evolution is represented by causality di-agram. It is meaningful to study wolfram model and demonstrate it with mathematical theory, it may be forgotten like many theories, or it may be examined in the future.


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