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Research on Pressure Detection System of Needle Plugging Based on Biochemical Analyzer

DOI: 10.12677/DSC.2022.112005, PP. 37-43

Keywords: 堵针,空吸,微量样本,压力曲线
Plugging Needle
, Air Suction, Micro Sample, Pressure Curve

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目的:为了实现对全自动生化分析仪吸液的精确检测,提高仪器的测试精度,现提出一种微量样本量吸取过程中正常、堵针、气泡空吸等情况下的判定及报警方法。方法:针对1~20 ul不同的小样本量吸液过程,划分动作及压力检测区间,通过大量试验获得选取的特定样本量正常、堵针、空吸压力曲线,同时讨论了动态平滑滤波等前处理方案,实现对移液过程原始压力监控数据系统误差及电路噪声的消除;最后根据吸液过程中的实测压力曲线带建立定性评价模型,将该模型引入到全自动生化分析仪系统。结果:通过大量实验验证,吸液过程中建立的定性评价模型,可引入到全自动生化分析仪系统。结论:该定性评估方法能够对正常吸液、堵针、气泡空吸等过程进行准确判定及报警,实现了对全自动生化分析仪的精准加样检测。
Objective: In order to realize the accurate detection of the liquid suction of the automatic biochemical analyzer and improve the test accuracy of the instrument, a judgment and alarm method for the normal, blocked needle, and air bubble suction during the suction process of a trace sample is proposed. Methods: According to the suction process of small sample volume of 1~20 ul, the action and pressure detection intervals were divided, and the selected specific sample volume normal, blocked needle, and empty suction pressure curves were obtained through a large number of experiments, to eliminate the system error and circuit noise of the original pressure monitoring data in the pipetting process; finally, a qualitative evaluation model is established based on the measured pressure curve during the pipetting process, and the model is introduced into the automatic biochemical analyzer system. Results: Through a large number of experimental verifications, the qualitative evaluation model established during the liquid aspiration process can be introduced into the fully automatic biochemical analyzer system. Conclusion: The qualitative evaluation method can accurately determine and alarm the processes of normal liquid aspiration, blocked needle, and air bubble suction, and realize the accurate sample addition detection of the automatic biochemical analyzer.


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