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Psychology of Abusive Human Behavior

DOI: 10.4236/ojmp.2022.112003, PP. 29-38

Keywords: Gaslighting, Slander, Mockery, Bullying, Mobbing

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The aim of this article is to explore the psychology of abusive human behavior with special attention to gaslighting, defamation of character, mockery, bullying, and mobbing, based on the so-far published scientific literature, and my own experience and observations. Abusive human behavior can have various forms, but the motivation is almost always the same: power and control over the victim. Psychological abuse, especially if longer lasting, can cause serious psychological and even physical damage to the victim. Society should be more aware of the detrimental effects of abusive human behavior in its variety of forms and be ready to offer adequate medical, psychological and legal help for the victim.


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