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Data Analysis of Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Based on Kaplan-Meier and Cox

DOI: 10.12677/HJDM.2022.121006, PP. 43-48

Keywords: 医疗大数据,Kaplan-Meier,Cox模型,比例风险假设
Big Data in Healthcare
, Kaplan-Meier, Cox Model, Proportional Risk Assumption

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Clinical medical career is an important aspect of the development and application of big data. In this paper, using data from patients with oral squamous carcinoma as a basis, we explored the relation-ship between the three of influencing factors, survival time and outcome by mining survival analysis (Kaplan-Meier) curves and data from patient observation, and then predicted the risk rate by Cox regression model, and achieved to study the importance of each factor on survival probability. This model can be used in clinical care for the study of oral squamous cancer.


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