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A Study on the Number of Jumps and Jump Height in Volleyball: From a Mock Game of College Men Players

DOI: 10.4236/ape.2022.121001, PP. 1-10

Keywords: Volleyball, Number of Jumps, Jump Height, VERT

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The purpose of this study was to determine jump height and number of jumps during a five-set mock college men’s volleyball game using VERT, a jump measurement device. Results were as follows. 1) There was no significant difference in jump height between sets for SJ, TJ, and SPJ. For SJ and BJ, S and OH were significantly higher than MB. For each jump type, approximately 65% to 90% of jumps were at maximum height, suggesting that players did not always perform at maximum output. 2) The number of jumps per set was 12.7 - 16.3 times for OH, 18.5 - 23 times for MB, and 23 - 32 times for S in a 25-point match, and 14.7 times for OH, 15.5 times for MB, and 19 times for S in a 15-point match. 3) There was no drop in maximum reach or vertical jump height at the end of the sets.


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