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Research on K-Means Clustering Optimization Algorithm Based on Machine Learning

DOI: 10.12677/HJDM.2022.121003, PP. 20-26

Keywords: 改进K-Means算法,Mini Batch K-Means算法,数据挖掘
Improved K-Means Algorithm
, Mini Batch K-Means Algorithm, Data Mining

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K-Means Clustering (K-Means) algorithm is a typical algorithm based on the clustering algorithm of division, which is the basis of the machine learning research algorithm. By automatically categoriz-ing similar samples into one category, the K value and K initial cluster center points can be deter-mined reasonably to make the clustering effect better. After proper pre-processing, the data can be analyzed and even the implied value information can be excavated. Compared with machine learn-ing algorithms such as SVM and GBDT, it has the advantages of simple operation, the use of error square and standard functions, and the high flexibility and compressibility of large data sets. How-ever, this clustering algorithm still has the problems such as random initial clustering center lead-ing to algorithm instability, poor grasp of K value selection and non-convex data set is very difficult to converge. In order to improve the effect of clustering analysis in data mining, this paper puts forward an improved K-Means algorithm on the basis of analyzing data mining, clustering analysis, and the traditional K-Means algorithm. Experiments have proved that the improved K-Means algo-rithm can effectively improve the quality of clusters as well as the efficiency and stability of the al-gorithm; and make it provide more accurate and effective service, and reduce the algorithm over-head.


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