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Research Progress in Preparation and Theranostics of Bismuth-Based Nanomaterials

DOI: 10.12677/NAT.2021.112003, PP. 19-26

Keywords: 铋基纳米材料,生物医学,生物成像,肿瘤诊疗
Bismuth-Based Nanomaterials
, Biomedicine, Bioimaging, Theranostics

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随着纳米技术的快速发展,以纳米材料为基础的新型生物材料在生物医学领域表现出独特的优势,因而受到研究人员的广泛关注。铋(bismuth, Bi)基纳米材料因其良好的生物相容性和优异的光学、电学等物理化学特性,在药物递送、抗菌、组织工程、生物传感、肿瘤治疗等生物医学领域的应用已被广泛研究和报道;特别地,在生物成像及癌症诊疗方面展现出广阔的应用潜力。本文结合实例简要综述了生物医用铋基纳米材料的常见类型和制备方法,总结了其在计算机断层扫描(CT)成像、光声(PA)等生物成像和光热治疗、放射治疗等肿瘤诊疗中的最新研究进展,并在此基础上对其在生物医学中的应用前景进行了展望和对挑战展开了分析。
With the rapid development of nanotechnology, the novel nanomaterial-based biomaterials can effectively overcome the disadvantages resulted from traditional biomaterials to promote the development of biomedicine, therefore have received wide attention from researchers. Because of their good biocompatibility and excellent physicochemical properties such as optical, electrical and magnetic characteristics, bismuth-based nanomaterials have been extensively studied and reported in biomedical fields such as drug delivery, antibacterial, tissue engineering, biosensors, tumor treatment, especially in bioimaging and theranostics applications. Combined with the reported studies, this paper briefly reviews the common types and synthesis methods of biomedical bismuth-based nanomaterials, and summarizes the latest research progress in bioimaging (such as computed tomography (CT) and photoacoustic imaging) and in theranostics (such as photothermal therapy (PTT) and radiotherapy). Finally, on this basis the prospects and challenges of bismuth-based nanomaterials for the biomedical applications in the future are expected.


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