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Estimation of Fatigue Strength of Reinforced Complete Upper Denture Using a Newly Designed Testing Machine: A Laboratory Research Project

DOI: 10.4236/jbise.2021.142006, PP. 48-63

Keywords: Fatigue Testing Machine, Complete Upper Denture, Crack Initiation, Crack Propagation, Fatigue Fracture

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In the present study, an aero pneumatic fatigue testing machine for complete dentures was designed, fabricated, and tested for the evaluation of the fatigue life of reinforced complete upper denture (CUD). On completion and testing, it was observed that the machine has the potential of generating reliable number of cyclic data. The machine’s performance was evaluated using test specimens of identical CUDs that were machined in conformity with standard procedures. The fatigue machine compressed the lower dental arch over the upper denture-specimen in centric occlusion, in the same way that the two masticatory muscles pull the lower jaw over the upper jaw during chewing. The incorporation of glass fibres into the CUD using a sandwich technique quadruples the lifespan of the denture (P = 0.004). The low standard deviation, along with the low coefficient of variation (CV) of the group of unreinforced dentures shows the repeatability of the results and the reliability of the machine. The high standard deviation and coefficient of variation of reinforced dentures was expected, since a high variation of results is usually recorded in fibre reinforcement cases. This research confirmed the view that the crack during denture fracture initiates in the anterior palatal area and propagates to the posterior.


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