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The Total Energy in the Interaction of X-Ray Photons with Capacitors

DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2020.104010, PP. 159-177

Keywords: X-Rays, Power, Light-Matter Interaction, Conservation of Energy

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Context and Background: In this research, we investigate the interaction of X-rays with a capacitor by studying the voltage established in the capacitor during the illumination. Motivation: We aim at verifying that the total energy conserved in the interaction is Pτ, i.e. the product of the average power P times the period τ of the X-rays. Hypothesis: Our investigation relies on the hypothesis that the voltage responsivity πV of the capacitor should be small, according to previous research. The parameter πV is the ratio between the voltage produced and the average power P of the X-rays, and measures the performance of the capacitor in response to the X-rays. Method: We measure the voltage produced by the capacitor in response to the X-rays, and then determine the average power P of the X-rays according to a procedure already assessed with infrared and visible light. Results: In our experiments, P turns out to be in the range between 10-3 W to 100 W. Our procedure enables us to unveil the relationship between the average power P and the effective dose, an important operating parameter used to measure the delivery of X-rays in practical applications, such as standard X-ray medical imaging machines. Conclusions: We believe that our procedure paves the way for designing a possible X-ray power-meter, a tool presently missing in the market of X-ray characterization tools.


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