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Fabrication of Polymer Magnetic Nanocomposites Containing Carbon Nanoparticles Doped with Cobalt Nanoclusters and Study Their Conductivity, Self-Healing and Adhesion Properties

DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2020.103008, PP. 118-134

Keywords: Magnetic Carbon Nanopowder, Polymer Composite, Stimulated Diffusion, Self-Healing, Self-Organization, Resistance

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The technology of fabrication of polymer nanocomposites on basis of carbon nanoparticles doped with cobalt clusters, synthesized by original Chemical Vapore Deposition (CVD) technology developed by authors, was elaborated. Carbon shells provide both the protection of ferromagnetic impurities from aggressive environment and new unique properties to the hybride nanostructures. The self-assembling of magnetic clusters coated by carbon shells presents just such example which could be used in the contemporary materials, for example, in strong magnets, analytic instruments (nuclear magnetic resonance tomographs) and nanosensors. Their good conductivity, self-healing and adhesion properties were demonstrated by applying the combined action of temperature, pressure, steady and alternating magnetic fields to stimulate diffusion of magnetic nanoparticles in direction to defect sites. Due to these properties fabricated magnetic polymer nanocomposites could have perspective for potential.


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