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Take SARS as an Example to See the Effect of COVID-19 on Foreign Trade

DOI: 10.12677/ETW.2020.101001, PP. 1-7

Keywords: SARS,新冠肺炎,对外贸易,影响
, COVID-19, Foreign Trade, Impact

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The outbreak of SARS in 2003 and the covid-19 (hereinafter referred to as covid-19) in 2019 are both public health events that seriously endanger public safety, both of which have affected the social life of people around the world, and therefore the foreign trade industry is facing a huge impact. This paper discusses the development process of SARS and COVID 19, analyzes the diffi-culties encountered in production, transportation and trade scale, as well as the challenges brought by changes in major trade markets and temporary changes in import and export structure, and finds out the impact of the epidemic on foreign trade. Based on local governments to ensure capital supply way, find the open green channel of foreign trade, improve the speed of enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and maintain the traditional market, open up new markets, at the same time increase the international influence of the media and so on in China, the foreign trade industry is given before the outbreak of two pressure, needs to seek breakthrough from two aspects of long and short-term results.


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