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Determination of the Mechanical Properties of Gas Metal Arc Welded Armox Steels

DOI: -, PP. 15-23

Keywords: Armor steel, AISI 304 Austenitic stainless steel, Gas metal arc welding, Mechanic Properties, Microstructure

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Armox protection plate is traditionally used for military applications, and in today's world it is also used for civil applications. Armox has excellent ballistic properties in combination with high hardness and strength. Armox steels having good abrasive wear resistance has got low carbon equivalent so it is known that they have good weldability. Industrial applications show the need for weldability of armor steels with each other and with different types of steels. Especially, In addition the welding method and welding parameters, the shielding gases and selecting of the right welding consumable also affect significantly to the weld quality of dissimilar steel weldment. In this study, the gas metal arc welding capabilities of Armox 500T-Armox 500T steel couple and Armox 500T-AISI 304 dissimilar steel pair was investigated in detail. As a result; Armox 500T–Armox 500T similar armor steel couple and Armox 500TAISI 304 dissimilar steel couple can be joined with austenitic stainless steel ER307 filler metal by using robotic gas metal arc welding method selecting appropriate welding parameters.


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