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Resolution of Hardy’s Paradox within Spacetime Physics and the Ithaca Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

DOI: 10.4236/wjcmp.2018.82002, PP. 23-29

Keywords: Hardy’s Paradox, Mermin’s Ithaca Interpretation, Hardy’s Quantum Entanglement, Noncommutative Geometry, E-Infinity Fractal-Cantorian Spacetime, Golden Mean Number System

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By religiously adhering to physics in spacetime and taking the final verdict of N.D. Mermin’s Ithaca interpretation of quantum mechanics seriously, Hardy’s paradox is completely resolved. It is then concluded that logical and mathematically consistent physical theories must be put in spacetime related formalism such as noncommutative geometry and E-infinity theory to avoid quantum paradoxes. At a minimum, we should employ the philosophy behind consistent quantum interpretation such as that of the famous Ithaca interpretation of D. Mermin.


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