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Application of Union of Fuzzy Automata on Target Tracking

DOI: 10.4236/jilsa.2017.94005, PP. 47-54

Keywords: Finite-State Deterministic Fuzzy Automaton, Finite-State Non-Deterministic Fuzzy Automaton, Fuzzy Finite-State Automaton, Target Tracking

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For better applications of fuzzy automata on target tracking, this paper presents an associated method of fuzzy automata by discussing the relation between fuzzy automata. The equivalence is mainly discussed regarding these fuzzy automata. The target tracking based on the associated method of fuzzy automata is given. Moreover, the simulation result shows that the associated method is better than single fuzzy automaton relatively. The development of these researches in this paper in turn can quicken the applications of the fuzzy automata in various fields.


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