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The Syntextuality of the Hypothesis of Self-Assertiveness Demand

DOI: 10.12677/ETW.2013.31001, PP. 1-6

Keywords: 自我肯定需求;认知综合性;理性人假设;奥地利学派
Self-Assertiveness Demand
, Syntextuality, Rational Man, Austrian School

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The cognitive limitations are presented by reviewing the development of economic theories. The Keynesian mechanism of government intervention, which is based on the hypothesis of rational man, ignores individual economic demand on self-affirmation, leading to the failure in efficiency and justice in wealth dis- tribution and transfer. Austrian School, on the basis of subjective methodology, emphasizes the rationality of self-satisfaction under exchange activities, does not provide any instruments on wealth redistribution. Self- assertiveness demands describe the demands originated from human cognitive tendency to confirm self-values. It is a dynamic process originated between subjective and objective estimate of outside world. The self-as- sertiveness demand derived theories have offered explanations of the emergence and transfer of wealth, and proposed an efficient monetary instrument to realize wealth redistribution based on information technology, which could bringing about a new direction of the development of economic theories.


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