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Efficacy of Muscle Energy Technique on Hamstring Muscles flexibility

Keywords: Muscle Energy Technique (MET) , Popliteal angle , active knee extension (AKE) , Hamstring flexibility

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Purpose of Study: Success in sports dependson athlete’s ability to develop and perfect aspecific set of coordination and joint range ofmotion/flexibility. Purpose of the study toinvestigate the effectiveness of Muscle EnergyTechnique (MET) on hamstring flexibility innormal Indian collegiate males.Material and Methods: 20 healthy collegiatemale subjects with hamstring tightness wererandomly allocated to two study groups. Groups-A (n=10) subjects were treated with Muscleenergy technique where as other group-B (n=10)were kept as Control (No intervention). Thetreatment was given for 5 consecutive days and afollow-up measurement on 8th day was done. Theoutcome was measured in terms of poplitealangle (Active knee extension test).Results: Independent-t test was used tocompare the pre test-post test values betweenthe groups. There was a significant differencebetween the subjects treated with Muscle energytechnique and control group subjects, in terms ofimprovement in Active knee extension range ofmotion/Popliteal angle (p<.001) and significantdecrease in ROM (Range of motion) in the followup measurement .Conclusion: Result indicates that MET issignificantly improving the hamstring flexibility.(range of motion) in collegiate males.


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