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Breve reflexión psicoanalítica acerca del bullying

Keywords: anguish , bullying , desire , isolation-segregation , social bond , subject

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This examination aims to formalize consistently the social phenomenon that usually recognize through the Anglo-Saxon word bullying. The for-malization of this phenomenon is develop around the theoretical spec-trum of lacanian psychoanalysis, so the cardinal objective of this re-search, although it may come in contact with social analysis, it aspire to be definitely a clinical reflection that project be designed to provide cer-tain traces to any analyst who works with child, adolescent or adults. While we know that aggression and violence are two issues formalized for traditional psychoanalysis since Freud, today, probably because just a few years ago this social phenomenon began to be promoted repeatedly in to the public light, the school bullying has not received much attention in the psychoanalytic doctrine and much less in the lacanian orientation. However, despite this context, we believe that psychoanalysis has much to say about him. The method used for this research was theoretical-bibliographic, in this way we used psychoanalytic literature and literature tied to the phenomenon of bullying. Finally, through the newly exposed method, we were led to think that much of the subjectivity of the bullying victims is anxiously suspended: namely the victim, to be iso-lated-segregated from all social tied, is excluded from the desire the latter entails. Therefore, and is the way we intend to further develop, the direction of the cure in these cases is related to re-establish the social bond through the symbolic transfer operation.


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