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Keywords: learning objects , chemistry , video , scorm , podcast , objetos de aprendizaje , química , video , scorm , podcast

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Lately, even though the learning contexts have suffered considerable changes, the teaching methods in university education have not adjusted to these changes, and there are preponderance lectures. In this work, different kinds of learning objects have been developed for the Food Chemistry course, in order to improve the level of competence reached by the students of the Hospitality Management career, at Universidad Simon Bolívar. For the teaching of an on-site course, three (3) kinds of learning objects were developed: podcast, video and scorm, which were associated to the concepts of more impact in the course learning. The management of the course was done with the Osmosis platform and the impact of the developed objects was determined by registering the number of objects downloads and performing self-evaluations, diagnostic evaluations and formative evaluations, which were adjusted in a scale of one (1) to one hundred (100). It was observed that each participant downloaded the objects an average of 15 times during 12 weeks. Also, significant improvement (P<0,05) was observed in the results of self-evaluations, diagnostic evaluations and formative evaluations, during the length of the course. Comparing the performance obtained by the students who employed these objects with those who did not employ them in previous academic periods, it was observed that the use of the developed objects increased the grade average in 70%. With the results hereby obtained, it can be concluded that it is necessary to incorporate new teaching strategies, linking them with the new learning contexts, in order to make positive impacts on the training of university professionals. En los últimos tiempos, aún cuando los contextos de aprendizaje han sufrido cambios considerables, los métodos de ense anza universitaria no se han ajustado a estos cambios, predominando las clases magistrales y las conferencias. En el presente trabajo se desarrollaron diferentes tipos de objetos de aprendizaje para ser utilizados en la ense anza de la asignatura Química de los Alimentos, a fin de producir mejoras en el nivel de competencias alcanzadas por los estudiantes de la Licenciatura en Gestión de la Hospitalidad, de la Universidad Simón Bolívar. Para la ense anza de un curso presencial se desarrollaron tres (3) tipos de objetos de aprendizaje: podcast, video y scorm, los cuales estaban asociados a los conceptos de mayor impacto en el aprendizaje de la asignatura. La gestión de la asignatura se realizó con la plataforma Osmosis, y se determinó el impacto de los recursos desarrollados, registrand


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