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ECCOM  2012 

A Educa o das crian as na sociedade imagética

Keywords: TV , Education , Political Act.

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The post-modern society was thrilled with the development of silent film, spoken and subsequently colored. Now, with digital TV reaches heyday of imagery. This era has created a new culture, and inaugurated a complex way of living and interacting with the everydayness of children, adolescents and adults. Alongside this great and valuable digital technological achievement is another undeniable fact. In our day the TV has also demonstrated the greatest potential for reifying thrilled and violence through its violent programming. As a result, there is a fragmentation and fragility of the social fabric by creating the world of the oppressor and the oppressed in the language of Paulo Freire. From Freire said we can conclude that oppression happens when one takes the fear of freedom, caused by the oppressive and consciousness which in turn gives rise to violence. But how to get rid of it in society's "Global Screen" in the words of Gilles Deleuze? Also the use of violence or is it possible to envisage any alternative? This article, from the theoretical literature and the works of Adorno, Freire, Alba Rico, and Pascual want Turkle looks at these questions and to the extent possible to make a contribution on the subject. This article seeks to re-read the situation in today's society and insert the language television in pedagogical practice. Provide the school valuing their knowledge and promote a participatory and democratic management of education. You want to make society aware through critical pedagogy so that we can reflect on the social crisis caused by the TV and that generate violence, crime and poverty. To paraphrase Paul, the process of teaching and learning from the point of view education as a liberating me ans the process of raising awareness and proposing alternatives to the practices of social exclusion that is the cause of social violence. It is an act of desbarbariza o society, political act. In conclusion, we believe it is possible to build a more human and compassionate. And for both, the training of teachers is the pillars of that utopia is possible education humanized humanizing and liberating the children in the global society of the screen.


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